Thing 13: K12 Online Conference

I’m always looking for professional development, and the K12 Online Conference is a great way to get it – all from the comfort of home.  I love the idea of being able to learn anytime and anywhere. I chose to watch Launching Learning by Kevin Honeycutt.  This was all about the importance of student interest.  I totally agree with Kevin – the students come to us with interests in different areas.  In the long run, if teachers can tap into this high interest of students, our job is so much easier!  If a student is engaged, they want to learn – perhaps not even realizing they’re learning – and an engaged student is usually a motivated student, which is wonderful!! Here’s the link: Kevin Honeycutt

One thought on “Thing 13: K12 Online Conference

  1. Thank you so much for sharing that link! That was by far one of the best presentations I’ve seen from the conference!

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